Automatic Fish Feeder Tank

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Automatically Feed Your Fish Once A Day!


This convenient and reliable auto fish feeder uses a high-tech micro DC motor and a micro computer design to feed your fish automatically everyday. You can choose to feed every 12 hours or every 24hours. It also supports manual feeding for the added convenience.

When you go out for several days, whether it be on a weekend camping trip or a week-long business trip, this unique device can feed your fish automatically.



It’s easy to forget feeding your fish before going to bed, we are all guilty of this. The solution to this is of course is to set the timer up so that you can take it easy as you prepare for bed while the fish feeder takes care of the rest. Never miss feeding your fish again!

But best of all, the feeding slot automatically turns back over after the scheduled feed to avoid the fodder getting wet and ruining the food frenzy.



The best part is that this feeder runs on 2 x AA batteries and is not connected to the mains. So in the event of a power loss while you’re away, you can rest assured knowing that your fish will always be fed.

Various installation methods mean you can customize how you position the feeder to best suit your fish tank. The fish tank can be set up with either a screw clamp or chuck fixed plate to suit your aquarium set-up.



The high capacity storage is large enough to feed your fish while you’re away for up to 30 days. This kind of device is a life-saver for any fish owner that takes regular vacations away from the home.

The feeder features an adjustable feeding outlet which can even work in high humidity environments, the food drum can be ventilated so that the food stays fresh and not damp,




  • Power: 2 type AA 1.5 batteries
  • Color: Grey and Purple
  • Size: 15*7.5cm*6cm
  • Large capacity feeder box (up to 30 days)
  • Can work in humid conditions with the addition of an air pump
  • Low power consumption

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Automatic Fish Feeder Tank


Automatic Fish Feeder Tank


Very convenient to use!


well! The transportation is very fast and it will reach my country in a few days


Feeder works fine